RAA Southern Rally Sprint

This Year (2018) the club will be running a Level 2 Rally Sprint in the Second Valley Forest.

 Please note that Entries can ONLY be done online.

Hello to all entrants of this year’s RAA Southern Rallysprint.

This instructional pdf is for those having difficulty finding this year’s entry form.

There is no simple link, you are required to log into the CAMS Member Portal to access the entry form.

If you have any difficulty please contact the Event Secretary or CAMS Member Services.

Adam Tillett 

NOTE – when entering online, place the co-driver details in the 1st crew member section. We have provided this feedback to CAMS’s but it will probably not be fixed until the next event. Thank you

 RAA Southern Rallysprint Entry how to.pdf



SDCC_RAA Southern Rallysprint Further Supp Regs 29th April - Approved.pdf

SDCC RAA Southern Rallysprint Supp Regs 06_05_2018.pdf


Thank you to all our supporters