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Entry List
SDCC Khanacross Rnd 6
Sunday, October 20, 2019
J 12 > 15 
J 16 > 17 
Female Trophy 
Emma SmithNissanSkylineDMRed, White, Blue2960  YES Accepted
Ross SmithNissanSkylineDMRed, White, Blue2960    Accepted
Lucas KleissToyotaCorollaBWhite1600   SDCCAccepted
Damian KleissToyotaCorollaBWhite1600   SDCCAccepted
Sandra Stuut HyundaiExcelBMWhite1.5  YESSDCCAccepted
Jim MyhillMitsubishiMagnaDMRed3497    Accepted
John ColesMitsubishiMagnaDMRed3497    Accepted
Gavin GoldSuzukiSx4FWhite2000   SDCCAccepted
Matthew GoldSuzukiSx4FWhite2000   SDCCAccepted
Gary RaymondSubaruWrxFGreen2000   SDCCAccepted
Paul BaileySubaruWrxFGreen2000   SDCCAccepted
Mel MabarrackHyundaiExcelBMWhite1.5  YES Accepted
Simon FullerDiahatsuCharadeABlue/black1.3   SDCCAccepted
Shayne BurnSubaruLibertyFWhite2500   SDCCAccepted
Steve SmithSubaruLibertyFWhite2500   SDCCAccepted
Jaxon RipponToyota Corolla DXBMRED/white1600 YES SDCCAccepted
Robert ShawFordFiestaBRed1600   SDCCAccepted
Alexander SelmanHyundaiExcelBMWhite1.5    Accepted
Steve KnopkaHoldenCommodoreEMWhite3800   SDCCAccepted
Patrick ChanHoldenCommodoreEMWhite3800  YESSDCCAccepted
Trang LyHoldenCommodoreEMWhite3800   SDCCAccepted
Oscar FarndenHyundaiProvided By ClubJ  YES  SDCCAccepted
Tristan Goodwin NissanSkyline CMBlack 2000   SDCCAccepted
Damian AshfieldNissanSkyline CMBlack 2000   SDCCAccepted
Darryl Lennane NissanSkyline CMBlack 2000   SDCCAccepted
Luke Bowden NissanSkyline CMBlack 2000   SDCCAccepted
Millie OlssonToyotaCorollaAWhite1290 YES  Accepted
James EvansFordELEGreen4000    Accepted
Darren HornerFordELEGreen4000    Accepted
Ross RichterHoldenCommodoreEBlack3800   SDCCAccepted
John BellTinkerSpecialSBlue1800cc   SDCCAccepted
Julian ThorpeToyota94 CorollaBMSilver/grey1598   SDCCAccepted
Mark LaceyFordFiestaBMBlack / Orange 1598   SDCCAccepted
Marc TillettVolkswagenGolf GTiDMWhite2000   SDCCAccepted
Lachlan TillettVolkswagenGolf GTiDMWhite2000 YES SDCCAccepted
Adam TillettVolkswagenGolf GTiDMWhite2000   SDCCAccepted
Tanya GrabisVolkswagenGolf GTiDMWhite2000  YESSDCCAccepted
Ethan GrabisFordFestivaARed1300 YES SDCCAccepted
Josie GrabisFordFestivaARed1300YES YESSDCCAccepted
Lydia FullerDaihatsuCharadeLRed1500  YESSDCCAccepted
Josh HillsToyota CorollaBMWhite / Red1598   SDCCAccepted
Shaiden JacobsNissanPulsarBGold1598 YES SDCCAccepted
Brandon Jacobs ToyotaCelicaDBlue White Red2200   SDCCAccepted
Graeme PoundHyundaiExcelBMSilver1500   SDCCAccepted
Luke TurnerNissanNX CoupeCMRed1998   SDCCAccepted
Steve HiserNissanNX CoupeCMRed1998   SDCCAccepted
Michael ClementsSubaruWRXFMBlue2000   SDCCAccepted
Bradley ClementsSubaruWRXFMBlue2000   SDCCAccepted
Adam ClementsSubaruWRXFMBlue2000   SDCCAccepted
Nick White Nissan Bluebird CMCream1998   SDCCAccepted
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