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SDCC Events List - Regulation - Results
Event Date 
Event Name 
Event Location 
Cof C 
Regs URL 
Entry Open 
Results OAURL 
Champ Rnd 
17 Feb 19SDCC Economy RunTo Come   
17 Mar 19Come & Try KhanacrossMid Murray MotorplexTrevor PalmerSDCC_Khanacross_Practice_2019_03_17_approved.pdf 
30 Mar 19Mt Alma Mile HillclimbMy Alma RaodMichael Clements2019-MAM-Sup-Regs-Final.pdfTop12.pdf
13 Apr 19SDCC Junior Development Program Day 1Mid Murray MotorplexGraham VanderHoek  
14 Apr 19SDCC Khanacross Rnd 1Mid Murray MotorplexMarc TillettSupp_Regs_Khanacross_Rd1_approved.pdfKhanacrossResults Sunday, 14 April 2019.pdf
21 Apr 1918th Falcon GT Nationals Willunga HillclimbMichael Clements18th Falcon GT Nationals.aspx 
18 May 19SDCC Junior Delevlopment Program Day 2Mid Murray MotorplexGraham VanderHoek  
19 May 19SDCC Khanacross Rnd 2Mid Murray MotorplexIan NevilleKhanacross_Rnd-2_Supp_Regs_approved.pdfKhanacrossResults Sunday, 19 May 2019-V3.pdf
15 Jun 19SDCC Junior Development Program Day 3Mid Murray MotorplexGraham VanderHoek  
16 Jun 19SDCC Khanacross Rnd 3Mid Murray MotorplexDavid Charlton  
21 Jul 19State Khanacross Chamionship + SDCC Khanacross Rnd 4Mid Murray MotorplexDaniel Clarage  
04 Aug 19SDCC Rallysprint Mid Murray MotorplexRon BlakemoreSDCC Expression of Interest2.pdf 
10 Aug 19SDCC Junior Development Progam Day 4Mid Murray MotorplexGraham VanderHoek  
11 Aug 19SDCC Khanacross Rnd 5Mid Murray MotorplexDaniel Blakemore  
20 Oct 19SDCC Khanacross Rnd 6Mid Murray MotorplexDaniel Blakemore  
01 Dec 19Willunga HillclimbWillungaMichael Clements  
25 Dec 19Test for Field CheckRonnies PlaceRon Blakemore  
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